The story behind the bot and its creator

How Cytotron came to be

I have been a programmer for the last five years, developing mainly websites, games, and tools for people to use. That is, until I stepped into the world of developing discord bots.

I originally created Cytotron for a coding competition on replit, hoping to win $1000 in bitcoin. I had no knowledge of discord bots then. I quickly learned in a matter of minutes and got started in the project. With the help of google, stackoverflow, and a few other resources, I added some out-of-the-box unique features unlike any other bot before.

I wrote down many ideas for my bot and then slowly made them into a reality. The more I added onto Cytotron, the more interested I became in developing discord bots.

Difficulties I faced

I did face quite a lot of difficulties in developing the bot since it was my first time. Thanks to some of my friends on discord, they were able to pinpoint a ton of bugs in the bot and helped me to make it safer for others to use.

The main problems I faced were implementing the google search command, attempting to make the image-searching command safer, and trying to make each server have a unique database.

My Goal

My goal is not only to win the competition but to help others to be able to have a useful and powerful discord bot. I want to see people using my creation–what I've made to help others out. Programming is not just something I enjoy doing. It is something I use to help others out.