Terms of Service

Welcome to Cytotron. These terms of service which include and hereby incorporate the Privacy Policy, are a legal agreement between us and you. By using the bot, you must also agree to Discord's Terms of Service before even thinking about using this.

Rights to use the service

The service provides the original discord app with extra abilities not to be abused in any way. You must agree not to use the abilities of the bot for inappropriate actions.
There are no limitations on who can access the website.


By using Cytotron, you must not abuse its searching abilities, not annoy other users with it, and not attempt any inappropriate actions with it.


If you are abusing abilities on the bot or putting a bad server name on the leaderboard, the creator of the bot has the ability and authority to terminate the bot on your server. You must follow the guidelines to prevent this from happening.
You may also terminate the bot from your own server by kicking it.


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